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What is Aluminum Window Wrap?

Release time:2023-06-19

Whether it's scorching outside or cold due to a vortex, ensuring your home is prepared for any weather condition is essential. Window wraps provide a solution that can help you save money on energy bills, protect the exterior of your home, and improve its appearance. 

Curious about what window wrapping entails and how it's done. Please keep reading to understand everything you need about window wraps and their advantages when installed on your existing windows. 

Let's dive into it! 

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What is Aluminum Window Wrapping?

Window wrapping, or the so-called window cladding, involves wrapping a window with a trim coil- a sheet of thin vinyl or aluminum. The coil is bent, cut to the required size, and applied directly to your existing windows. Properly wrapped, the trim coil can give your home weather resistance and some thermal insulation while improving the appearance of your home.

Window wrapping normally takes place in homes that need new vinyl installation. Technicians must be professionals and know how to make precise cuts, bend, and install wraps on an existing trim.

Window Wrapping Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of covering the exterior of your windows with aluminum trim coil:


Enhanced Durability

An aluminum coil around the windows gives an extra protective layer that protects the wooden trim from weather changes like rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations. This added barrier prevents rotting, warping, and deterioration of wood – thus increasing the life of your windows.

Aluminum certainly is one of the most durable materials. 

And so it needs very little maintenance compared to other common wood types, such as cedar planks. When you wrap aluminum around the wood trim, you will not require frequent painting or staining. You save on time and effort required for regular maintenance with wood apart from scraping, sanding, priming, and repainting. 

Weather Resistance

Aluminum weather resistance is all thanks to its nature to develop an oxide layer when exposed to air. As such, it can resist corrosion and harsh environmental conditions and protect against moisture intrusion that may lead to water collection within the window frame and water damage due to rot or mold. Additionally, aluminum does not have many insect infestations like wood. 

Energy Efficiency

Correctly installing trim coil wrapping can enhance energy efficiency. The aluminum is an insulation layer, decreasing the heat exchange between the inside and outside of the window. This helps to minimize energy loss. 

Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean the aluminum trim to remove dirt, dust, and grime. Clean surface areas using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a mild detergent mixed with water. Never use abrasive cleaners or brushes, which can scratch or damage the aluminum. 

Check Caulking and Seals

You still have to keep an eye out on your windows frequently. Keenly observe if there are any gaps or cracks in the caulking and seals around them. If any are found, reseal or repair the caulking to ensure your windows are weatherproofed and energy efficient. 

Inspect for Damage

Inspect to ensure no damages or loose sections of the trim coil and correct any such defects immediately before they degenerate. Further deterioration of the wrapping or worse damage is done. 

Repair or Replace Damaged Areas

In the end, there might be damages dealt on your aluminum trim. It might be dents or scratches. And so you need to consider the repairs or replacements to any of the affected areas. You may also consult with a professional contractor or window specialist who can assess how bad it is and provide advice on what would be for 


If you want to strengthen your windows, increase their resistance to weather conditions, or improve their appearance, aluminum window wraps offer advantages. All you have to do is hire a technician to assist you with the installation process.

At JMA Aluminium, we are experts in manufacturing high-quality aluminum products. Contact us today, and let us wrap your windows with a durable aluminum trim coil. 

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