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Industrial Aluminum Profiles


You should consider getting industrial aluminum profile pieces if you are looking for a strong yet light enough material for your building or automation processes. They are known to be sturdy.


At the same time, you are assured that the aluminum profiles will last long, so you don’t have to worry about needing to replace in a short time. At JMA, we specialize in China's industrial aluminum profile, and you can be sure you will get something nice when you work with us. We can manufacture custom aluminum formwork, aluminum bars, seamless pipes & tubes, plates and frames, other industrial components.


All you need to do is ensure you get the right industrial aluminum extrusion, and you will be good to go. Check out our site and reach out to us in case you have issues with the kind of profile you want to get. We will guide you on what to order and ensure you get a profile that works for you.

Why are aluminum extrusion profiles preferred in industrial applications?

An industrial aluminum profile comes with several advantages, including.

  • Electricalconductivity: Our China aluminum profile has excellent conductivity, andbased on equal weight, its electrical conductivity is about twice that ofcopper. 
  • Thermalconductivity: aluminum extrusions are also more excellent in thermalconductivity than most alternatives making them great for making heatingequipment, heat exchangers, evaporators, etc.
  • Non-ferromagnetic:our aluminum profiles are nonferromagnetic, which makes them excellent foruse in electronic and electrical sectors as there is no risk ofself-ignition, which is essential should they interact with explosive orflammable material. 
  • Formability:aluminum profiles allow for great flexibility in forming to the desiredshapes, angles, and sizes.
  • Recyclability:a significant concern among consumers is using eco-friendly material, andaluminum is infinitely recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.


What are some of the industrial aluminum profile applications?

They are primarily involved in production, manufacturing, and the energy and auto sectors. Top applications include;

  • Aluminumradiator profiles 
  • Aluminumauto parts, including trailer bodies, engine blocks, drive shafts, etc.
  • Medicaldevices with aluminum profiles like stretchers, beds, and otherinstruments.
  • Solar panels and parts aluminum profiles
  • Electricalsystems
  • Aerospaceapplications 
  • Architectureand construction, from building railings to beams and frames
  • Displayequipment like frames for exhibitions, stages, etc. 

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