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Curtain Walls


One of the things you will need to learn about when it comes to construction is curtain walls. Not only do they look nice, but they also serve a huge role in construction. The role of a curtain wall is to protect a building from the natural elements while insulating it simultaneously. Curtain walls are also commonly used to prevent the building from swaying too much.


While steel was used to make the structure in the past, this has slowly shifted to using aluminum for the structure itself. The spaces are normally filled with glass which is affordable and comes, and we one has a budget to work with.


Aluminum from JMA is used in most curtain wall construction because of its amazing qualities. We mainly manufacture two types of curtain wall systems: thermal break curtain walls and ordinary curtain wall. If you are looking for a way to ensure that construction happens without a hitch, then you should check us out at JMA for a consult.

What are top options for aluminum curtain wall systems?

There are several curtain wall systems, and the top three are;

  1. Sticksystems use individual aluminum frames, which are first attached to thebuilding separately and then joined together.
  2. Unitizedsystems use pre-assembled aluminum panels, which are then attached to thebuilding as one unit. 
  3. Structuralglazing: in this system, glass is bonded to the structural framing units.A silicone sealant specialized for the purpose is used to achieve thebonding. 


What to consider when choosing an aluminum curtain wall profile?

The crucial factors to bear in mind when choosing a curtain wall include;

  • Thetype of building and architectural style: for example, modern buildings gowell with a sleek minimalist aluminum profile design, while older ornatebuildings may require an ornamental and decorative aluminum frame. 
  • Thecurtain wall’s function: curtain walls serve various purposes, so if youwant one specifically for insulation, you should pick one with a highR-value, while if you want one for sound insulation, you should pick onewith a high sound transmission class rating. 
  • Location:your area may influence the kind of curtain wall you choose. If you livein areas with strong winds, you want an aluminum profile with a high windload rating. If you are in a place with high radiation, you want to choosea profile with a high solar heat gain coefficient rating. 


What are the functions of a curtain wall?

The standard functions of a curtain wall are heat insulation, sound insulation, and moisture resistance. A curtain wall optimizes the ambient light and temperature, granting you energy savings. 

Because of the lightweight nature of aluminum, a curtain wall reduces the overall load on the building and adds to the building’s earthquake resistance. 

Aluminum curtain walls are a perfect substitute for solid wall structures and are superior to other wall options in affordability, ease of installation, function, and aesthetics. 

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