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What Are Standard Aluminum Sliding Window Sizes?

Release time:2023-06-14

Whether you are building your dream home, renting, leasing, or planning to buy a complete home project, you have to check the premises for all preferred details. Ideally, your new premises should match your preferences and desired living conditions.

A critical aspect that most people look at before moving into a space is the windows. While they only take up a small bit of the actual construction, windows play a pivotal role in the aesthetics and functionality of any room.

If you’re in a room with small windows or none at all, you’ll definitely feel the impact. Windowless rooms are often stuffy, poorly circulated, and dark. It is no wonder that windows have been a key aspect of living conditions since man's dawn.

Over time, window design and structure have changed significantly. Today, you have a wide selection of windows to choose from. With advancements in construction technology, you can have nearly any type of window you desire.



The rise and rise of aluminum sliding windows


The history of sliding windows and doors is a relatively recent, especially in the grander concept of building history. These features gained popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries. Over time, sliding windows and doors have become a key feature in most modern-era structures.

Initially, aluminum sliding windows were reserved for commercial buildings. However, in recent times, these features have penetrated the residential market. It is not uncommon to see aluminum sliding windows and doors in homes today.

Many homeowners love aluminum sliding windows as they are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, as formerly mentioned, they have a functional appeal, too. According to current estimates by building experts, these aluminum features are expected to continue growing in popularity in the near future.


Why choose aluminum sliding windows?


Admittedly, there are countless options when it comes to selecting a window type. So, as a homeowner, what would make you lean towards aluminum sliding windows? Here are some of the reasons why standard-size aluminum sliding windows are the premier choice in homes designs today;


Ideal for large rooms 


If you want to brighten up a large room, sliding windows are the way to go. Formerly, you had to use grills and other features that could obscure light and distort a clear view. With aluminum sliding windows, you have the full view and can light up any room, regardless of the size. Aluminum sliding windows offer a clean view even in large rooms.


Energy efficiency


The type of windows you use will have an impact on your energy bills. Poorly installed windows can raise your cooling and heating bills in summer and winter. Fortunately, aluminum sliding windows are known for their energy-efficient capabilities.

In addition to keeping internal temperatures optimal, some aluminum windows can lower UV rays penetrating your home. 


Aesthetic appeal


A window has a lot more functional abilities than aesthetic ones. However, the best windows can merge these two aspects to create the perfect experience for you. If you have a great view in your window space, the last thing you’d want is to obscure it with poor window installation.

A sliding Aluminum window maintains aesthetic value without compromising on quality or functionality.


Easy maintenance


Aluminum sliding windows can last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements. All you’ll need to do is wipe down the windows in case of dust accumulation. Once every so often, you may also have to get professional maintenance professionals to check the quality of your windows. This improves functionality and increases the feature's lifespan.


Aluminum sliding windows standard sizes


Depending on where you are, the standard size of an aluminum sliding window can change dramatically. For the best results, you should consult a construction expert before fitting in the windows.

 A professional will guide you on the standard size in your region and the best aluminum sliding windows manufacturer in the corresponding region. Consulting professionals will save you the headache of returning poorly fitted windows and ordering new ones afresh.

JMA Aluminum Profile Factory is the leading producer of aluminum sliding windows. With more than 20 years in the business, JMA Group products are widely recognized and used in nearly every part of the globe. Contact JMA Group today for the best standard-size aluminum sliding windows.

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