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What are Aluminum Storm Windows?

Release time:2023-06-21

Homeowners will agree that maintaining your home in its top-notch condition is never easy. It can be daunting and costly. Windows are the hardest to maintain. Nonetheless, they are the most important add-ons that can make your home more energy-efficient and protect it against external elements.

So, how can you add reinforcement to your existing windows without purchasing new ones? The solution is aluminum storm windows. They offer an economical way to improve the performance of your existing windows by increasing thermal performance. 

But first!

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Aluminum Storm Windows: What are they?

They are aluminum add-ons mostly used on single-pane windows to act as heat retainers, moisture barriers, sound proofers, or protectors of the existing window's glazing, millwork, and seals. Typically, they can be mounted on the exterior or interior of the house. 

Interior storm window options only require simple inserts and some carpentry skills, while the exterior can be installed with a DIY guide. There is quite a wide range of aluminum storm windows, and your budget, architectural style, and DIY skill will determine your choices as you shop for the ideal option. 

Types of Aluminum Storm Windows 

There are three main types of aluminum storm windows; temporary storm windows, interior storm windows, and exterior storm windows.  

Temporary and Disposable Aluminum Storm Windows 

This is the most common type of aluminum storm window. It is because it is long-lasting and quite easy to install. All you need to do is attach the panel around the window's opening to cover the glass completely. 

It is mostly available as a film panel or a single clear acrylic that can comfortably fit the interior of the window frame. The windows can also be installed using insulation films, which can be attached to the window's exterior with adhesive tape. Besides, the tape can be shrunk with a hairdryer to create an airtight seal.   

Interior Aluminum Storm Windows

These windows are the most affordable option. They are designed to fit comfortably within openings of an existing window. They also consist of a lightweight acrylic or plastic and a single panel of glass placed inside the window casing or encased in fiberglass or vinyl. 

The easy installation, usually by magnetic force or compression, makes interior aluminum storm windows the perfect option for homes or apartments with multiple stories. Additionally, unlike temporary storm windows, they are highly customizable, especially in older distinctive window shapes. 

Exterior Aluminum Storm Windows 

As the name suggests, external aluminum storm windows are installed on the exterior of the windows. They are specially designed in four main configurations to function, fit, and enhance the performance of the existing windows. 

They include two-track and triple-track configurations, mostly used with double-hung windows. The two-track slider options are for use with slider windows. Technically, they are two-track windows installed horizontally instead of vertically.

Basement storm window configuration comes with a single window pane, mainly supported with a thumb latch on the exterior of the frame. The only downside with this option is that the windows are limited in size. 

How to Choose the Right Aluminum Storm Window

Your ideal storm window will depend on your budget, DIY skills, and preferred aesthetic.   If you are looking for an option best suited for defense against severe weather and to shield your windows, exterior storm windows might be your ideal option.

They can transform how your home looks from the outside to integrate seamlessly with the architectural aesthetic of your home. Moreover, they can also add insulation to your windows at a cheaper cost. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly and DIY option, interior storm windows are your best choice. Temporary windows are ideal if you need additional help to contain heat during winter. 

Aluminum Storm Window Maintenance Tips


The best thing about aluminum storm windows is that they are easy to maintain. All they need is regular cleaning. Remove the inserts and wipe them down for interior windows with a window cleaner or soft cloth.

To clean exterior storm windows, you must open the interior windows and dust off the screens and reachable panes. You can also clean the interior sills with a vacuum cleaner.

Remove the exterior aluminum storm windows in a year, hose them down with clean soapy water, and leave them to dry in the sun before reinstalling them. You can also use a glass cleaner or a clean paper towel to shine them up. 

Wrapping Up


Also known as impact-resistant windows, aluminum storm windows offer a cost-effective option for providing your existing windows with an extra layer of protection. They are designed to create a stronger shield between the inside and the outside, provide additional soundproofing, and extend the life of your windows. 

Are you looking to reinforce your existing windows with aluminum storm windows? At JMA Aluminium, we have everything you need to transform your home with durable aluminum storm windows. Contact us to get quality aluminum storm windows. 

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