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Set up in 1993, the world-leading Guangdong JMA Aluminum Profile Factory (Group) CO., Ltd integrates research, design, manufacture, and sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows, industrial materials, and building profiles. It boasts an incredible annual production capacity of over 600,000 tons. The company’s offerings are extensively used in construction, machinery manufacturing, solar panels, electronic communication hardware, building templates, and other fields.




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Our JMA Shishan production base encompasses an area of 1200 mu. We have set up 18 efficient, environment-friendly, and energy-saving melting and casting production lines featuring 16 square rows of horizontal hot-top casting and aluminum rod production equipment along with 7 hot-top air-slip hydraulic casting aluminum rod production equipment. Moreover, it comprises 62 multi-tonnage, high-efficiency, and multi-specification automatic extrusion production lines put up with intelligent extrusion implements from Italy, Japan, and Germany.


The production facility has 10 advanced electrophoresis and anodizing production lines, and 7 of them have independently-developed core technical intellectual property rights. These advanced production lines can facilitate various electrophoresis processing methods, including glossy electrophoresis, porcelain electrophoresis, extinction electrophoresis, color electrophoresis, and translucent electrophoresis.

Additionally, there are 15 powder coating production lines built utilizing powder coating apparatus imported from Switzerland and Italy. There are also 6 fluorocarbon painting production lines erected with spraying implements imported from Japan.


Furthermore, the Shishan production base has 8 production lines from Müller, Switzerland, creating insert bar thermal break profiles. There are 2 production lines constructed with implements from the United States that generate fill & de-bridge thermal break profiles. That's not all; the plant also features 6 production setups of wood grain that can produce various wood grain profiles like 3D, wood shavings, transfer printing, and stereo.

There’s also an internationally renowned advanced automatic warehouse, machining center, and mold processing center on the grounds. Beyond these, the facility has a state-of-the-art air purification and sewage treatment system imported from Japan and over 160 sets of ultra-modern testing equipment brought in from other countries.


JMA has instituted the National Enterprise Technology Center, National Accredited Laboratory, and Post-Doctoral Research Center, which ensures continued top-class R&D innovation.

The company also played a critical role in formulating 188 industry, national, and international standards and was the first drafter of 18 national and industry standards. Concurrently, JMA has also been championing the enhancement and wide usage of protection of intellectual property rights. Currently, it has over 800 patents, including 94 national invention patents and 8 international patents.


Starting in 1997, JMA has consistently introduced world-class management systems that cover quality, environment, brand cultivation, occupational health, excellent performance, and more. The company's mantra of continuous improvement and effective implementation has enhanced the cumulative strength of enterprises worldwide. In 2016, JMA bagged the prestigious China Quality Award nomination.


As the trendsetter in quality, innovation, brand, and service, JMA Aluminum has cultivated an outstandingly positive reputation and high popularity at home and abroad. Its aluminum products are sold in over 30 cities and provinces all over China and exported to numerous regions and countries worldwide.

The products are applied to prominent key projects and landmark buildings in China and internationally, such as the Great Hall of the People, the new CCTV site, Hong Kong International Commercial Center, Beijing Olympic Village, the Federal Government Building in California, USA, Dubai Tower in the United Arab Emirates, Japan Post Tower in Tokyo, etc.


In 2016, the "JMA" brand was assessed by the China Top 500 Brand Value Evaluation Committee, which established that its brand value reached 11.217 billion yuan, taking the industry’s top position.


JMA will keep adhering to the concept of "Brand, Innovation, Harmony and Win-Win" into the future and continuously try to achieve a century-old dream.

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