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Will Black Aluminum Windows Fade? Are They Expensive?

Release time:2023-06-26

Aluminum windows are always a great addition to your home, colored or not, but even sticking to black will give your property a unique appearance. Black aluminum windows are a popular trend in building projects today. Of course, they will come at an additional cost but hey! They are modern and look classy, so it's a win.

You should make a few considerations before committing to black aluminum windows for your home because they have a unique look, may tend to fade in time, and will significantly impact the overall look of your property. Read on!


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Do Black Aluminum Windows Fade?


Simply yes. UV rays will take a toll on these windows in due time, although black aluminum windows and other types like black fiberglass and UPV windows have different fading processes. The quality of your black windows will determine the fading intensity; high-quality black windows are less prone to fading.

High-end manufacturers use efficient baking processes for long-lasting finishes. The leading cause of fading is exposure to the sun, so if your windows are exposed to harsh sunlight, they will quickly fade. Fade-resistant black paint is handy in ensuring your windows look good even with exposure to the sun. You can boost UV protection by applying a second coat of sealant.


Are Black Windows More Expensive?


Aluminum black windows are slightly expensive. The window design style and size affect the overall cost. Of course, there are other expenses like labor and installation. An intricate design will cost you more because of the time required to install complicated windows or deal with complex installations.

An accurate labor cost estimate is essential for budgeting, so make sure you work with a reliable window company that can provide an accurate figure for the installation and window purchase.


Why Are Aluminum Black Windows More Expensive?


First, black windows cost more than traditional white ones because of the potential fading. The color is improved using additives that offer protection from the sun, extending the color's life.

Also, white windows are manufactured on a large scale due to the high demand and cheaper purchasing cost, unlike their black counterparts. Then comes the quality. Unlike white windows, black ones tend to retain heat, so manufacturers have to build robust designs to avoid frame wrap, which rises the cost.


Benefits of Black Aluminum Windows


Complement Your Décor


Did you know that the right choice of windows puts together the overall decor of your house? Black windows will offer you room to play around with different colors for your interior so you can best express your style.

You can use different types of black aluminum windows for the various rooms in the house based on their function. Ensure the color of your walls works well with that of your windows.


Strength and Durability


Aluminum's durability goes without saying. The strength of aluminum windows keeps your home safe from damage or intruders. Also, they dent won't easily.


Natural Sleek Effect


If you are a sucker for large dramatic windows, the black aluminum windows will offer you that and more. They look fantastic and provide a sleek effect, and thanks to the illusion, the black frames are barely visible, so the glass looks larger.


Easy to Maintain


Black aluminum windows are mostly finished using powder coating, which provides a smooth surface that is easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them with a soft cloth dipped in water with mild detergent. Anything abrasive could cause damage.


No Need for Window Coverings


Thanks to the standalone design, the best part of these windows is that you don't have to use them with coverings. The windows will be one of the main highlights of your home. You can hardly achieve this sophistication with the old white frames.


Weather Resistant


Aluminum windows are resistant to the effects of climate conditions, and you can install them anywhere without worrying about corrosion. 


Take Away


Black aluminum windows are a growing trend in building and renovation, and this is not about to change soon. They are versatile and will take your home’s exterior game to the next level. It all comes down to your styling needs.

Working with a professional will go a long way if you are looking to install black windows. This is where JMA comes in. They are a trusted partner for all your aluminum black window needs.

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