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Why Choose Aluminum Extrusions in Construction?

Release time:2022-09-02

The use of aluminum extrusions is far reaching to include a wide range of industries like construction. And there are several reasons why that is the case. These products are used to make various structures, simple and complex giving workers and experts an easier time completing projects. Are you asking ‘why choose aluminum extrusions in construction’? You are already on the right platform to get the answers you are looking for.

If you are looking for aluminum extrusions, then you already know what they are. Nonetheless it would not hurt to revisit what these are.

Aluminum extrusion is such a versatile process owing to the fact that experts can create extrusions of all kinds, standard and sophisticated, depending on the needs of customers. That railing in architecture or beam on a structure could be a product of aluminum extrusion.

Why should you consider using aluminum extrusions in construction? Here is why.


They Are Light but Sturdy

If you are seeking to create a construction structure that is both light and strong, aluminum extrusions can help you accomplish that. Moreover, workers at a plant will have an easier time handling the extrusions due to their manageable weight, which reduces fatigue too. Transportation also becomes a lot easier.


Structures Get Longevity and Corrosion Resistance

Who wouldn't want a construction structure that is both durable and resistant to corrosion? Aluminum extrusions provide this advantage. They last long and resist corrosion arising from factors like chemicals and weather elements.  This reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

A durable extrusion means lower expenses in the long run. You may be asking, what makes aluminum extrusions corrosion resistant? It is because aluminum forms a protective layer that safeguards it from damage.


They Are Visually Appealing

Aluminum extrusions look stunning. Whether you are making a railing system for interior decor, an entrance, or roofing, these extrusions will sure give your construction project a fantastic appearance.

Aluminum’s silver color is a visually striking color that definitely adds a nice touch to a building or other structures you are working on. Moreover, aluminum extrusions can be surface treated with different colors so you can get a shade that matches your needs.


Technicians Get Flexibility with Aluminum Extrusions

Experts also have an easier time working with aluminum extrusions in construction. That is because they are available in different types that determine their machinability, flexibility, and even hardness. That means you are able to get the right extrusions for whatever construction project you are working on.

Whether you need a light, more weldable, or easier to cut extrusion, the market has what you need. In short there is variety to meet different construction specifications.


Not Forgetting They are Recyclable 

With the world dealing with climate change and different stakeholders pushing for more sustainable industry practices, recyclable products are more than welcome! Well, aluminum extrusions are recyclable, helping support sustainability in the construction sector.

Aluminum’s highly recyclable nature also means less pressure on landfills, something that is good for the environment.


The Extrusion Process Allows for Customization

If you are working on a construction project with uniquely shaped parts, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to aluminum extrusions. Manufacturers are able to create products of different forms to meet customization needs of customers.

The extrusion process involves using dies, which can take different shapes and sizes. That means workers are able to make a variety of extrusions to match the needs of customers. Whether you are making a guardrail or a sign setup structure, aluminum extrusion manufacturers make extrusions of all kinds to ensure your construction project gets what it needs.


What about Finish and Color Variety?

Whether you need dark or bright colored aluminum extrusions, you can get them readily available on the market. Nevertheless, aluminum itself already has a stunning silver color that gives construction projects an eye-catching appearance. You can also get these extrusions with different surface treatments like painting and powder coating.

Note that the surface treatment methods vary in properties. For example, paint could be cheaper than powder coating but it is not as durable. Powder coating also provides a more uniform protective coat than paint.

With that in mind the surface treatment method you choose for your aluminum extrusions will depend on your budget and preferences too.

If you have been asking ‘why choose aluminum extrusions in construction’, there you have it. They are a worthwhile choice because they are durable, sturdy yet lightweight, corrosion resistant, recyclable and look spectacular.

These structures are also easy to work with, flexible and their manufacturing process allows for customization so you can have the exact structure you need for your construction project.

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