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Why Choose Aluminum Extrusions in Construction?

Release time:2022-09-02

Many modern business owners are looking for innovative approaches that will allow them to offer environmentally friendly solutions for the construction and manufacturing industries. Using aluminum to meet these objectives presents many beneficial opportunities that should not be missed. The pure aluminum alloy, environmentally friendly aluminum extrusions, and aluminum protective coatings have wide use in building as affordable and durable alternatives to other metals.

Regarding fabrication and extrusion, JMA Aluminum is your one-stop shop in China's Guangdong Province. We work in collaboration with all relevant organizations and fields to best serve our clients. We provide conventional extrusion profiles, but our area of expertise is custom work. This allows us to deliver innovative approaches that can save costs and time and create products of better quality.

Standard and customized aluminum extrusion have a wide range of applications in manufacturing and construction. Today we'll look at why so many sectors favor aluminum for modern construction solutions.


Design Flexibility for Individual Preferences


Aluminum extrusions' main strength is in their adaptability. There's an extrusion for every project size and standard. Hence, it is easy to put it in use for custom building projects. 

Aluminum extrusions made to order are essential in producing machinery, goods, and structural frameworks. The existence of these refabricated products that quickly be deployed to construction hastens the rate of construction projects.



Metal can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality, and at JMA Aluminum, we employ only at least 99.9 percent recycled aluminum. This helps to cut down on our carbon emissions and the influence that we have on industrial waste, and also saves money for our customers compared to other sorts of products. To further minimize waste, we pre-cut your billets to suit the requirements of each project. This method was developed to reduce customer costs and provide ethical production.

Raw aluminum possesses the same intrinsic properties found in environmentally friendly extruded aluminum created from recycled materials. In addition, aluminum has very high availability and is recyclable an infinite number of times without ever suffering any detriment to the qualities that make it useful.

Outstanding thermal and electrical conductor


The metal choice should be made with temperature sensitivity in mind. It can be necessary for your materials to be excellent heat or cold conductors, depending on the kind of project you're working on.

Copper is an ideal material because of its superior heating and cooling capabilities. On the other hand, the cost is really high. Aluminum extrusions are a viable option for several projects since the budgets for these projects can't accommodate copper use. These projects require an option that is less expensive and capable of performing well.

Due to its physical make-up, extruded aluminum is an excellent heat and cold conductor. So, it's a cost-effective option for:

· Radiators

· Air conditioners

· Walk-in refrigerators

· Ovens

Strength-to-Weight Ratio


Aluminum possesses several outstanding features; the most notable one is its ability to match the toughness of steel while weighing just one-third as much. With the same safety, strength, and durability as steel, this may be utilized to improve fuel efficiency in various automobiles. 

Transport trucks can expand their load capacity without compromising safety while reducing fuel usage. Depending on project requirements, the alloys used can increase their strength further by modification. This metal's versatility allows it to be employed in various applications.

Aluminum extrusion preserves the metal's already impressive strength while drastically cutting down on weight. If your project has strict weight requirements, you no longer need to employ lower-quality metals. You'll be able to provide a superior completed product when you use aluminum extrusions, and your foundation won't have to support the additional steel weight.

Ability to Resist Corrosion


There may be a higher priority on preventing corrosion in the final product's intended use setting if the industry you service is particularly vulnerable to it. Surface treatments may be done to aluminum that will increase the material's inherent resistance to corrosion, resulting in a system, item, or part that is long-lasting and durable.

Rapid deterioration of the metal can be caused by a number of factors, including exposure to chemicals in production and construction environments, abrasion, and salty air and saltwater in maritime situations. Aluminum's inherent oxide coating protects metal from corrosion, and our facility will apply treatments to it throughout our convenient "one-stop solution" production process.



Reflectivity is an important property for a wide variety of applications, including the reflection of heat and light. To lower HVAC energy costs, aluminum is used in reflectors for light fixtures manufacturing LED lighting and cool roofs in LEED Construction.

In addition, research shows that aluminum's ability to reflect at least 95 % sunlight makes it an excellent choice for lowering a building's carbon footprint.

High Tensile Strength at Very Low Temperatures


Aluminum also outperforms steel in cold climates. As a result, aluminum has several applications, including extreme cooling for interior facilities that need to manage temperature and outdoor locations such as the Arctic or Antarctic. In contrast to steel, which becomes weak in cold settings, sustainably sourced aluminum extrusions' tensile strength increases with decreasing temperature.



Aluminum does not generate sparks when it comes close to other aluminum components or parts produced from other metals. This is useful when conditions are dry, explosive, or high in volatile substances, and the tiniest spark might cause a devastating fire. Safety is the number one priority when selecting materials to use in construction.

Therefore, this quality alone has led to aluminum's widespread use across the construction sector before considering the material's many other benefits.

JMA Aluminum Extrusions


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the benefits of aluminum or about the surface treatment and additional operation options available at our full-service fabrication and extrusion plant. JMA Aluminum provides a wide variety of services to assist companies and industries in making the most of the opportunities presented by using aluminum extrusions in the construction and manufacturing processes. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your requirements with a technical team member or if you are ready to place your initial purchase.

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