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What is 15 Series Aluminum Extrusion?

Release time:2023-05-05

Aluminum extrusions change aluminum alloys into a wide range of distinctive products for industrial and consumer markets. They have numerous uses in the bridge decking, electronics, telecommunications, mass transit, automotive, and energy industries. 



Advantages of using 15 Series Aluminum Extrusion 


  • It can be designed for compatibility with all the T-slots, which enables youto swiftly establish structures as effortlessly as possible. 
  • 15series aluminum extrusion profiles can be blended with numerous extrudedproducts like brackets, fasteners, hinges, and connectors. 
  • Theseprofiles are aptly suitable for uses like panel mount displays and mountrack accessories like panels and switched rails. 
  • Theyare perfect for assembling fixtures, machine guards, custom displays, and3D printing machines. 


15 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Types


There are several types of 15-series aluminum profiles, including:


1515 1.5 by 1.5 In. Profile


This profile is perfect for workstations, protection, tool carriages, enclosure, and smaller machine support. The T-slots on all sides enable the easy mounting of accessories directly onto the framework without additional machining. 


1530 1.5 by 3 In. Profile 


This profile is perfect for general use for machine frames, tool carts, and guards. Typically, the extrusion includes Y-axis inertial power, which gives the profile superior structural integrity to establish sturdy structures. 


1502 1.5 by 1.5 In. Profile


This aluminum profile features an a-align groove to aid in alignment when linking a pair of profiles. Additionally, it is compatible with most fasteners. The fastened faces provide neat aesthetics, making them ideal for retail shops, desks, furniture, and displays. 


1504 1.5 by 1.5 In. Profile 


This square aluminum profile comes with a pair of opposite T-slots. This metal is smooth; hence it is debris and dirt resistant, making it much easier to clean. Again, the T-slot's sequence holds support panels or systems. 


Uses of 15 Series Aluminum Extrusion


These extrusions have an incredible blend of properties, making them perfect for numerous applications. With that in mind, here are some of the uses of 15-series aluminum profiles:


Architecture & Construction


The construction and building industries usually use the biggest portion of extruded aluminum items. Architectural aspects such as huge engineered canopies and skylights require sturdy but lightweight structural features. 

Fencing, roofing, and almost any other exposed situation requires unmatched corrosion resistance and might call for extra finishing options. Besides, putting together prefabrication parts on a job site must be swift, appealing, and adjustable. 

These requirements in different shapes can be fulfilled with properly-designed aluminum profiles at an affordable rate. For this reason, 15 series aluminum profiles are an excellent choice for establishing great and robust structures in the architecture and construction sectors. 


Transportation & Automotive


Among the biggest variables that drive automotive manufacturers towards aluminum products is decreasing car weight to help boost efficiency. Vehicle parts can be manufactured using extruded aluminum to reduce weight and maintain strength simultaneously.

For this reason, using aluminum extrusion for many components on off-road trailers, aircraft, utility trailers, and buses, is a great idea. 

Besides, the 15 series aluminum profile is corrosion resistant, which improves the cars' durability and is precisely useful in marine surroundings, which is why it is used to make docks and boats. These profiles are even handy in making Electric vehicles’ battery boxes that aid in the temperature regulation of the battery. 


Electronics & Electricals 


Besides the magnificent finishes on electrical appliances, 15 series aluminum profiles can be effortlessly created to produce electrical cases and enclosures. The primary value to the electronics and electrical industry is sourced from its high electrical and thermal conductivity at a more affordable rate and weight compared to copper. 

The 15 series aluminum profile is a standard method for creating heat sinks that prevent the electronics from overheating. Moreover, aluminum cables are common for smaller-scale wiring and high-voltage power lines. 


Consumer Products 


Even though consumer products are part of a smaller market than the other sectors, aluminum profiles are still a common option. These products can be used for different purposes; hence they are typically selected for their distinctive blend of properties and, at the same time, maintain an affordable production cost. 


Final Words 


The size and shape of aluminum profiles vary depending on the profile. But when it comes to the 15 series, you will get different types, which will serve other purposes depending on size. Hopefully, you now know all you need to know about 15-series aluminum extrusion. 

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