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How to Cut Aluminum Extrusion? Expert Tips Inside

Release time:2023-05-10

The popularity of aluminum extrusion is always to be considered. Its lightweight nature makes it vital, not to mention the ability to last for ages and super strength. But to get it tailored to your needs, you may have to cut through it. But how do you go about it? If you are a DIY enthusiast, hang on to this guide as we begin with factors to consider when cutting through the extrusion.



What should you consider when cutting through an aluminum extrusion


Your safety during this process is paramount; you may have to wear personal protective equipment. These are the helmets, glasses, and gloves! Other things to consider include:


Type of the aluminum extrusion and the dimension


Extrusion types differ, and so are the cutting requirements and tools. So, you must ensure you have the right saw blades for the types and extrusion you are determined to cut.


The direction of the cut


You have to cut against the grain direction. Otherwise, you will damage the blade. Also, avoid curve cuts.


Quality of the cut


A sharp saw blade guarantees a cleaner cut. You can say bye to blurred, dangerous rough edges with a sharp blade.


The after-cut process


It all hinges on the purported use of the extrusion. You may have to do processes of deburring and smoothening the edges. So, gather the materials needed.


So what are the steps of aluminum through aluminum extrusion


Assuming you have chosen the right blade and ensured it is carbide made, has high teeth and offers high speeds, you can proceed with the following steps.


Put on the safety gear.


These are the protective clothing we had talked about earlier. You may also need earplugs as an addition.


Secure the extrusion


You have to place the extrusion in a spot where it won't fidget. A clamp and vice may suffice for this kind of job. And that keeps you free from accidents.


Mark the cut plane


The region where you will be cutting has to be marked by a straight hedge. The line has to be straight for accuracy.


Proceed with the cutting.


After you have done the marking and secured the extrusion, you can start cutting through it. A circular saw is mostly preferred for this type of job. But a mitre one may also be efficient. The blade must always be steady and spin at full speed before they make contact with the extrusion.


Do the after-cut cleaning.


After successfully cutting your extrusion, it's time to get rid of the blurs and rough edges. Sandpaper, filing machines and straighteners may be needed.


What are the dangers associated with aluminum profile cutting?


Even if you now know how to cut through aluminum profiles, there are still dangers associated with this process. They include,


Flying objects


There are small pieces that break off during the cutting process. They may prove dangerous if they get in your eye. That is why you need safety glasses.




The noise of the saw eating through the aluminum may damage your dream. At all times, have an ear plug on your ears.




As the blades rotate, friction involved can cause heat. These may cause burns and injuries. So avoid flammable material in the region where you are cutting. Also, try and put on fire-protective clothing. Waxing and lubricating the blade may still help with the same.


Electrical  dangers and accident


The machines  involved consume a lot of electricity. So there may be surges and shock. You need to work in a zone wherein the electricity is well maintained. All the tools you use must be in working order. As for accidents, you may have to go through the right OSHA training and follow all safety procedures.


Expert Tips:


  • Havesafety gear in place
  • Choosethe right blade
  • Alwaysclamp the aluminum extrusion
  • Keepthe blade steady
  • Smoothenout the end product
  • Beginnersshould first practice on rejects before cutting the actual piece




So that’s it; cutting through an aluminum extrusion is an art and may require some experience. So if you are unsure and scared of the danger unleveled, it's best to buy an already-cut aluminum extrusion. And that's the reason why JMA aluminum exists. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust us to customize aluminum extrusions to your specific needs. So why risk it? Let them do the handy work for you!

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