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Main Features of an Aluminum Solar Panel Frame

Release time:2023-03-22

So, global warming remains unsolved. And the remaining moves are toward sustainable and renewable energy. Solar power comes into the equation. Even so, the green dream still needs to be visible with panels in sturdy frames. Again, it's all about reliability, strength, and durability.

Otherwise, folks may be dissuaded from using solar energy. So how should a solar panel frame be? Or rather, who has solar panel frames on the market today that check all the boxes? JMA Aluminum may be one. But before getting into details, let's see the features of aluminum solar panel frames.





Okay, besides being perfectly light for solar frames, aluminum is one-third the mass of steel. It might be easy to transport or install. Yet, this also reduces the weight of roof structures. So, you won't need other gadgets to help with the weight.




Corrosion can be expected when solar panel frames are exposed to weather elements. But aluminum's high affinity for oxygen only means that it will form a thin yet tough layer of aluminum oxide or hydroxide upon exposure.

This oxidation makes it untouchable by rust. Aluminum solar panel frames are a durable choice. No wonder Global News showed its market potential at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% from 2020 to 2027.




You can't expect anything less than durability from a material that resists corrosion or can carry heavy solar panels. Besides, the longevity of aluminum solar panel frames may ensure long-term performance and durability. Notwithstanding, according to Aluminum Association statistics, solar panel users prefer aluminum due to its strength and durability.


Easy to customize


Aluminum is ductile yet malleable. That means ease of customization. As a result, you may shape it to fit specific solar panel dimensions. Such flexibility ensures proper installation for a longer solar panel lifespan and performance.




Aluminum is very common in today’s market. And so is the requirement for cost reduction. Allied Market Research shows that the global aluminum market is expected to reach $258 billion by the 2030s. Aluminum solar panel frames mean ease of replacement at fair costs.


Aesthetically pleasing


Naturally, the metallic surface of aluminum is always shimmering. But this can be improved on aluminum solar panel frames upon proper finishing or anodizing. The overall aesthetic of the solar panels may be particularly useful for house hunters and even homeowners.

It convinces about green and reliable energy in there to be homes. Also, Solar Power World surveys indicate that aesthetics is now becoming a key consideration for solar panel system buyers.




You are not burning coal or causing a nuclear reaction to get solar energy. It's the sun at play. A gift entrusted to you by mother nature to save the world! But why should the encasing not be green? That’s why aluminum solar panel frames are preferred. They can be recycled to reduce their carbon footprint.

In essence, Stanford studies indicated that aluminum recycling might save 95 % of the energy typically used in the primary production of aluminum from bauxite ore. Isn’t it sustainable as a solar panel frame?


Thermal conductivity


As a good heat conductor, aluminum dissipates heat from solar panel cells and improves performance. So, in hot climates, solar panel cells may overheat and lose efficiency. But aluminum solar panel frames may improve the thermal management of solar panels and abate the risk of heat damage to the cells.


Low maintenance


Since the aluminum solar panel frame won't rust, it won't require expensive maintenance. This also means little maintenance over their lifespan. As a result, it reduces the overall cost of using solar panels.


High strength-to-weight ratio


Aluminum solar panel frames have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel or copper. This is just the strength necessary to support the solar panel against the wind and other supporting components.

In retrospect, solar panels are a way to go completely green. But you also need aluminum solar panel frames to achieve this goal. However, the question of where to get legitimate and high-quality solar panel aluminum frames remains unanswered.

This is where JMA Aluminum's fate is left to chance. And yet, they are not just out there for your money. In fact, no one offers better aluminum solar panel frames on the market today than JMA Aluminum. Suffice it to say, they got durable, budget-friendly, and lightweight solar panel frames.

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