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Aluminum Extrusion Global Market Report 2022

Release time:2023-04-03

Based on market analysis, the aluminum extrusion industry is expected to experience a growth rate of 4.3% from 2021 to 2026. The survey reveals that the construction sector is the consumer of aluminum extrusions, accounting for 37% of the total market share. This can be attributed to the increasing demand for eco energy structures, which require materials with thermal insulation, high durability, and design adaptability. 

Moreover, the study provides insights for businesses, stakeholders, policymakers, and government agencies to make decisions and future plans. Let's delve deeper into the market report on aluminum extrusion to gain an understanding of its future prospects.

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What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion is a process used to shape aluminum into forms.  It finds applications in industries including construction, automotive, and consumer goods. This method allows for the creation of profiles that may not be achievable using techniques. 

One of the advantages of aluminum extrusion is its cost effectiveness and efficiency in producing high quality parts, making it suitable for large scale manufacturing. Moreover, these extrusions offer an option due to their lightweight nature, durability, and recyclability.

The Growing Demand for Aluminum Extrusion in Aerospace

Aluminum extrusions' major market lies in aeronautics. High strength to weight ratio and fatigue resistance of airplanes is very important in design. This has led to the use of extrusion in the production of aircraft components, engines, and many other applications.

The research found out that air transport demand continuously is rising with an increased need for more efficient aircraft. The rapid development of the aeronautics sector over the coming years is likely to be fuelled by these forces.

Demand for Aluminum Extrusion in Automotive

The research further points out clearly that there is a higher demand for aluminum extrusions in the automotive industries. In most cases, Aluminum Extrusion is used in making components like bodies, chassis, suspension systems, and heat exchangers in the Automotive industry.

In addition to this, increased investment of electric cars and hybrids in time will result in big changes concerning the automobile industry because it needs efficient materials which are lighter than others.

Leading Countries in Aluminum Extrusion

The research states that the Asia Pacific region, which is more than half of all aluminum extrusion sales, is the world’s biggest market. China Hindalco Industries Limited, JMA Aluminum, Zhongwang Holdings Limited, and Norsk Hydro ASA are some of the major aluminum extrusion enterprises in this region.

It also foresees a spreading market that is driven by growing demand for aluminum extrusion in construction, automotive, and aeronautics applications in China, India, and Japan. 

Europe and North America are important markets for aluminum extrusions since more people want to build sustainable buildings which waste less energy, as well as electric or hybrid cars.

Key Players in Asia

China Norsk Hydro ASA, Constellium SE, JMA Aluminum Ltd., Zhongwang Holding Limited, and Arconic Inc. are the players in the aluminum extrusion industry. These companies heavily invest in research and development to create products that cater to the changing needs of their customers.

What is the Future of Aluminum Extrusion?

That's fantastic! According to the Aluminum Extrusion Global Market Report 2022, aluminum extrusion is expected to have a future. With the rising demand for eco energy structures, there is a need for materials that offer high strength, thermal performance, insulation, and design flexibility. This makes the construction industry a significant user of aluminum extrusions.

Moreover, the sector's transition towards vehicles and hybrids is projected to drive the demand for aluminum extrusions even further. Additionally, the aviation sector's growth will likely be influenced by the importance of having a lightweight material with resistance against fatigue.

Thanks to increasing demand from countries like China, India, and Japan, Asia and the Pacific region are expected to remain markets for aluminum extrusions.


This report highlights the potential of industries such as construction, car manufacturing, and aeronautics. The Asia Pacific region is specifically noted as a market. Additionally, the report provides insights for companies, investors, policymakers, and government agencies to make decisions and devise effective strategies for the future.

At Guangdong JMA Aluminum, we are experts in high-quality aluminum extrusion and strive to ensure our customers get what they need for their construction projects. Contact us today, and there is no doubt you will experience exceptional results.

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