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Different Types of Curtain Walls

Release time:2022-10-17

Even though curtain walls are mainly made for a functional purpose, they also double up as a creative design element. The concept of curtain walls is not new since they have been used since the early 20th century. The changes over the years have meant different types of curtain walls were invented. If you plan on taking on major construction, you will need to install curtain walls.

Knowing all the different variations in the market will help you make better and informed choices on what works for you. Here are the different types of curtain walls. We will also look at the advantages of these curtain walls.


Unitized curtain wall system

If you are constructing a high-rise building, this is perfect for you. With this system, all the pieces will be assembled at the factory before being shipped to the site. There is no need for individual installation since the components have already been assembled. Sticks are placed vertically between the floors to facilitate individual components like the mullions, grazing, and spandrels.

With this system, there is no need for cranes or scaffolding when installing it. The method offers quick connection and ensures good quality since the pieces are made in a controlled factory set-up. The only downside is that shipping costs are high since you need larger vessels and better protection when transporting the system to the site.

Benefits of the unitized curtain wall system


These are the main perks of using a unitized wall system

· Since it is preassembled at the factory, it is easy to put up at the site, and the building goes by much faster.

· It has superior quality and strength and is easy to maintain since it has been professionally assembling.

Stick curtain wall system


If you are constructing low-rise buildings, this is the perfect system for you. with stick curtain walls, the different pieces are made in the factory but assembled at the construction site. The system is also perfect for smaller construction regions since nothing much goes on. It is flexible, making it perfect for onsite changes and adjustments.

It also costs less to ship it since no special arrangement is required to ensure it gets to the site in one piece. The only issue with this system is it can be time-consuming and requires more labor to set it up. You also need a higher budget since the cost of setting it up tends to go up fast.

Benefits of the stick curtain system


Here are the main perks of using the sick curtain wall system:

· It has smaller sightlines making it perfect for all kinds of structure

· The manufacturing process takes a shorter time and is flexible when changes are required

Categories of curtain walls


Aside from the two systems in place, there are also different categories of curtain walls. Knowing all about them ensures that a construction team can decide on the kind of curtain walls they need. Here is a list of the main categories of curtain walls:

· Rubber curtain walls

· Timber curtain walls

· Spider curtain walls

· PVC curtain walls

· Fire curtain walls

· Stainless steel curtain walls

· Fiberglass curtain walls

All these different curtain walls are applied in different kinds of buildings, depending on a couple of things. Knowing what will determine the category a construction site goes for is vital in ensuring you get it right the first time.

Pointers on choosing the right curtain wall system


Since there are so many categories to choose from, it helps if you can get it right the first time. Here are some tips that come in handy whenever you need to pick the right curtain wall system. It will go a long way in ensuring that whatever curtain wall you pick works for the building:

· The complexity of construction. The different categories of curtain walls fit different design homes. As such, you must ensure that you pick the right one. 

· Cost of contrition. Based on your budget, you can either sacrifice curtain wall costs or labor costs. Whichever one you choose to spend more on will mostly depend on the money and budget you have.

· The intricacy of the project. Different curtain walls work well with different intricate designs. Ensure you choose a curtain wall that suits your home design perfectly.

Curtain walls have been in use for a long time and play a significant role in construction. As such, you must ensure that you pick the right curtain wall for your project. The tips above will be handy for you should you get stuck on what to pick. Contact us and get wholesale price of curtain walls now!

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