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Benefits of Aluminum Formwork System

Release time:2022-10-11

An aluminum formwork system is a construction solution for making cast-in-place concrete structures. This formwork comprises an aluminum alloy with remarkable tensile strength and hardness. The majority of aluminum framework systems make use of aluminum extrusion profiles 6063 T6 or 6061 T6.

The construction system offers aluminum formwork for RCC framed structures and allows walls and slabs to be poured in one operation. This boosts efficiency and results in incredibly sturdy structures with superb concrete finishes. Also, thanks to the fine tolerance of the fabricated metal components, concrete forms and finishes are uniform from floor to floor. This enables the prefabrication of electrical and plumbing fittings with the assurance that they will fit perfectly when completed.

Unlike conventional construction systems, aluminum formwork can be installed by unskilled laborers without the aid of hoisting equipment. Just one person is enough to handle even the biggest panel since the weight is capped at 25 kg. It dramatically boosts site efficiency. Here are some advantages of using aluminum formwork.

Convenient and efficient construction.


Aluminum alloy formwork is lightweight and easy to assemble. As already mentioned, the largest panel weighs just under 25 kg, making it easy to install without the help of hoisting cranes. A small hammer and/or spanner is all that's required to install or remove panels. Unlike wooden formworks, skills are not required; however, a little training before the job won't hurt either. An experienced installer can complete 20m2 to 30m2 of work per day.


Lowers construction time.


Fast installation and uninstallation of the aluminum alloy formwork system allow for quicker construction and lower administrative costs. Under standard construction, you can build one floor in just four days using a single set of formworks.



Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust. Consequently, aluminum formwork can be recycled numerous times.

Excellent stability and bearing capacity.


An aluminum formwork system comprises an aluminum alloy with remarkable tensile strength and hardness. After assembling the system, a fundamental frame is established, providing exceptional stability.

In fact, the load-carrying capacity per sq meter can surpass 60KN. Additionally, the aluminum formwork technology enables pouring both floors and walls simultaneously. This increases productivity and results in a structure with a great concrete finish and exceptional strength.

A variety of applications


Aluminum alloy construction formwork is suitable for building walls, columns, stairs, beams, horizontal floors, and window sills, among other structures.

Zero construction waste.


The entire system of aluminum alloy construction formwork can be recycled. No trash remains on the building site once it has been dismantled, and the surrounding area is left tidy and safe.



Construction forms made of aluminum alloy come in various specifications and can be put together to meet the needs of any project. Usually, when used formwork is reused in new buildings, one only has to change about 20 to 30 % of the unconventional boards, lowering the overall construction cost.

Better for the environment.


Aluminum is beneficial for the environment than other formwork materials like plywood and plastic. It is an abundant resource. It's recyclable, non-corrosive, and doesn't produce any construction waste.

It eliminates the need for plastering.


After removing the aluminum formwork, the resulting concrete surface is always smooth and essentially satisfies the requirements of exposed and finished concrete. Plastering is not necessary, saving on costs.

Convenient support system


Unlike conventional formwork construction systems where full hall support is needed, aluminum formwork requires just a small support bar. Just 1200mm of independent support spacing is enough. This saves on space, labor, and materials.



Aluminum is a flexible and efficient formwork for modern construction projects. You can buy it or rent it. It is utilized in the construction of small and big structures, including skyscrapers, curtain walls and solar panel systems, etc. Aluminum is a good substitute for other formwork materials such as steel, plastic, and plywood. It is a resource that is abundant and easier to carry than heavier materials. It is strong and durable but also molds easily and is easy to clean after usage.

Above all, it's recyclable. Generally, choosing aluminum formwork for construction saves on labor, time, and overall costs.

If you are after for the best aluminum formwork on the market, get in touch with us. We are one of the chief producers of aluminum formwork in the world. We have previously supplied materials for projects such as Unipol Group Headquarters, Tokyo Post Building, Hong Kong International Business Center, Beijing Olympic Village, California Federal Government Building, and Dubai Tower, etc.

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