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A Complete Guide to Aluminum Window Trim

Release time:2023-05-22

For years, aluminum has been a top choice in architecture. All we have been witnessing to date are just modifications. As such, there are those fitted thermally broken variants, regular aluminum windows, automotive, and furniture. And all guarantee durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. But now, how will you get it from the manufacturer and set it up in your home?

Well, keep reading, but first, buckle up as we go through the definition and types of aluminum trims.



What’s an aluminum trim 


Aluminum trim is a decorative piece of aluminum that still serves a protective purpose. Its purports to be conceiving a finishing that will enhance the appearance of the surface wherein its put. That may be on windows, furniture, automotive and architectural surfaces.  


What are the types of aluminum window trims? 


Now let's focus on windows where we have three types of aluminum window trims.


Casing trim


Casting trims are the most typical type of aluminum window trims. You may have spotted it as the material covering the gaps in window frames and the walls. Yet it comes in curves, triangles, and flat and angled shapes. 


Sill trim


The slim trims cover the lower part of the window. These are purported to prevent damages caused by water, snow, and rainfall. Still, it's responsible for the classy look.


Header trim


These trims are customarily associated with the top part of the window. They are set to cover the gap between the wall and the window. But they are best for barring weather elements. 


Why should you use  Aluminum Window Trim?


Let's take a look at what aluminum trims have to add to your windows. 




While the trim itself can last for decades without deteriorating, they still don't fade. The same applies to your windows since they remain protected and thus last longer!


Low maintenance


Aluminum won't corrode since it's weather resistant. This means maintenance can be done quickly since the need for painting or sealing is eliminated. 


Energy efficiency


Aluminum window trims are energy efficient. Using them improves the overall efficiency of your home by minimizing heat loss. 


Design and  flexibility


The best thing about aluminum is its malleability. That implies you get it in different shapes. It's up to you to select the style that matches your building. 


Things to consider when buying an aluminum window trim 


If you are going to buy an aluminum trim from the market, there are things to keep in mind if you are to land the perfect matching product. These are, 


Size and style 


You have to know the correct dimensions of your window. But most importantly, obtain the measurements of the point wherein you desire to install the trim. This is the only assurance for you to get a proper fit. Again, your chosen style must match your home's style, so consider the shapes and designs. 


Finish and pricing


The types of finishes on the aluminum window trim have to match the finishes inside your house. They should at least match the doors, handles, and lighting. Price will, however, vary depending on the design and finish. So, it's up to you to set a budget considering your financial state. 


How do you install an aluminum window trim? 


Installation is easy even for a DIY enthusiast, but if you can have a professional do them, the better! Even so, you can follow the steps below if you fancy DIY. 

  • Obtainthe window dimensions and cut the trim accordingly
  • Preparethe installation surface by cleaning 
  • Installthe trim by applying an adhesive to attach it to the applied pressureuntil it sticks. You may have t use a level to make sure it'sstraight. 
  • Securethe trim using screws and ensure they are evenly placed orcountersunk. 
  • Fillthe holes with a sealant or a paint 


How to Maintain an Aluminum Window Trim


Aluminum window trims have aluminum material, so you won't have to stress about maintenance. You have to clean them regularly using mild detergent and water. And never should you use an abrasive. 

Also, remember to check if it's damaged. This is visible through cracks and dents. You may have to replace such a part before the damage spreads. If it is not too much, touch them up with some paint. 




So aluminum window trim remains a vital part of any window setting. On the other hand, JMA Aluminum is holding the industry. Talking about over thirty years of industrial experience, we still have an annual production of 600,000 tons of aluminum products. You can rely on JMA  for quality products that will last you a while, unlike other market scams that are there to make a run for your money! 

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