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2020 Aluminum Extrusion Dimensions

Release time:2023-05-24

Aluminum extrusion comes with many uses, including some in the manufacturing and designing industries, which have surged over the last few years. It brings the best out of this metal's distinctive combination of physical characteristics. What’s more, it provides a sleek surface finish and boosts the tensile strength of the material with its weather and corrosion resistance properties. 

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals to be extruded, and it is ductile enough to be shaped according to the industry’s needs. With that in mind, among the many aluminum extrusions is the 2020 aluminum extrusion profile. They are most popular for structural and construction purposes. 


2020 aluminum estrusion.png

What is 2020 Aluminum Extrusion?


2020 is 20 by 20 mm T-slot aluminum and primarily features four open T-slots, one on each 40mm phase. These series include 20 by 80, 20 by 20RQ, 20 by 60, 20 by 40, and 20 by 20 aluminum profiles. 

These profiles are built using great-quality aluminum alloy under standard European dimensions and a cross-section thickness of 1.5mm. It will come in handy for laser cutting machinery applications, numerous prototype CNC machines, 3D printing, camera sliders, XY tables, and structural aspects in automation machinery. 

Additionally, aluminum extrusions are used to create door and window systems and other applications in the manufacturing and construction industries. Moreover, the extrusion process is faultless, making it resistant to accumulating debris and dirt therefore easy to clean. 

When it comes to 2020 aluminum extrusions, this design is the most robust and is used for workstations, cleanroom applications, guards, or enclosures. Plus, the four T-slots are crucial for mounting various accessories. 

Further, in the machinery sector, 2020 aluminum extrusions help amass various lightweight structural support like display boards and instrument racks. 


Advantages of 2020 Aluminum Extrusion




Considering the cost of the material, the time saved compared to welding, and the funds saved, you will see how affordable aluminum extrusion is. 


Different Shapes and Sizes


2020 aluminum extrusions are built modularly, so you can place, link and fasten the aluminum profiles on multiple platforms. 


Sturdy, Reliable Structure


2020 aluminum extrusion is sturdy and competent in handling high-load uses. 

Additional features include:

  • Thermaland electrical conductivity
  • Thermaladaptability 
  • Corrosionresistance 
  • Impressivestrength-to-weight ratio


2020 Aluminum Extrusion Uses 


As with most aluminum extrusion profiles, 2020 aluminum extrusion is designed to be handy in multiple situations. They can be effortlessly fixed to other profiles without clamps or welding. The profiles' height is 6.1mm for the 2020 and 20x20 RQ aluminum extrusions. 

There is a broad scope of benefits to reap from using aluminum extrusion, such as shape modularity. Shape modularity means you can effortlessly assemble, disassemble and reassemble the profile to meet customer needs. 

Moreover, untrained and trained individuals can quickly add extra connections and attach profiles, allowing you to adjust its design without requiring additional machining. This rapidly expands and retracts your work when necessary. 

The 2020 aluminum profile series includes different profiles, such as 20x20RQ and 20x20 aluminum profiles. The way they function depends on the extrusion dimensions. For instance, 20x20 means that the T-slot is 20 by 20 mm. However, the main difference between 20x20RQ and 20x20 profiles is that the former has a significantly less load-bearing capacity. 


20x20 Aluminum Extrusion


This profile is typically used to assemble lightweight structural support in numerous industries. They include engine covers, display boards, and instrument racks. It usually has a simple yet classy look if put through the right finishing process. 

You can couple this profile with a T-nut and M6 bolts sporting hexagon heads. Regarding carrying heavy weight, you can fasten the M6 bolt to the sliding nut, hence guaranteeing the structure delivers more reliability and strength. 

Also, you will not have to weld or clamp these profiles. 


20x20RQ Aluminum Profile


Regarding 20x20RQ profiles, these might be best suited for corner frameworks. It's easy to link and features zero sharp edges, so it's the ideal, safe, and good-looking support for corner formation frameworks. 

Like the 20x20 aluminum profile, you can utilize an M6 nut and bolt, but remember that it can support far less than its counterpart. Also, you can easily connect it to various aluminum extrusions without clamping or welding. 


Final Word 


Extrusion, as a process, is quite interesting and unique in so many ways. Additionally, it is critical for creating parts with grooved profiles. You can get various sizes, shapes, and finishes to your liking; check outJMA aluminum extrusions

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