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JMA Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions are popular products thanks to aluminum’s flexibility, which lends this versatility to the created profiles. There are several advantages the aluminum extrusion process offers, including;

  1. Lessmachining: Aluminum can be easily extruded into any complex shape andassembled without requiring extensive machining.
  2. Costefficiency: Aluminum extrusion die cost is considerably lower than otheroptions like forging and rolling forming.
  3. Structuralefficiency: An aluminum profile offers structural efficiency, and it’seasy to be 
  4. Theyare lightweight: Aluminum extrusions are lightweight yet durable and significantlystrong. As such, you only need about half the weight of an aluminumstructure relative to other metals. 
  5. Strongcorrosion resistance: Aluminum extrusions are available in variousfinishes, and the coating protects the metal from corrosion and rust. 


Our Experience Capacity and Quality Process

We pride ourselves on being a leading player in aluminum extrusion and crafting all kinds of aluminum profiles.

We are the leaders in all areas, from R & D, to production and sales.  Our production capacity is over 600,000 tons annually, meaning no order or project is too big for us. Our high-quality production process is possible thanks to intelligent extrusion equipment sourced from the best manufacturers in Germany and Italy. Our production setup includes the following;

  • 18energy-efficient and eco-friendly casting and melting production lines.
  • Sevenhot-top air slip hydraulic casting equipment for making aluminumrods. 
  • Tenhigh-tech electrophoresis and anodizing production lines.
  • Fifteenpowder coating lines made using powder coating resources imported fromItaly and Switzerland. 
  • Sixproduction lines for fluorocarbon painting made using spraying parts andtools from Japan.
  • Eightproduction lines for thermal break bar insertion profiles imported fromMüller in Switzerland.
  • Twofill & de bridge thermal break production imported from the US. 

You can rely on our over 160 pieces of high-tech testing equipment for further quality. We are also ahead in innovation as our over 800 patents in this field attest, eight being international ones and 94 being national. 


Our Range of Products 

At JMA Aluminium, we classify our products into three main categories;


Aluminum Windows and Doors: 

These include all aluminum extrusion profiles for windows and doors designs and applications like aluminum sliding windows, aluminum cascading windows, top-hung aluminum windows, standard window and door frames, and aluminum cascading doors, among others. 


Curtain Walls

We provide both standard and thermal break curtain walls, which protect your building from natural elements while insulating them at the same time. Our curtain wall products are available in both standard and custom systems giving you a range of options to pick from. 


Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Our industrial aluminum profiles cover everything from transport and solar panel frames to engineering, horticulture, medical, and sports, among other areas. You can sample our wide range of options whether you are looking for roofing profiles, electrical cable housing, automotive applications, or stairway railing, among others.

At JMA Aluminium, we offer quality, range, innovation, and custom options. We strive to adhere to our concepts of Brand, Innovation, Harmony, and Win-Win to satisfy our clients. Check out our products and let us help you realize your dream. 

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