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Types of Aluminum Windows and Their Advantages

Release time:2022-10-27

Whenever you are looking for windows for residential or commercial properties, the options are many. Among them, there are aluminum windows. These windows are a popular choice in the property sector and are used on both traditional and modern buildings, giving them a spectacular look. That being said what types of aluminum windows are available on the market? And what are their advantages? We’ll continue reading for more details.


Types of Aluminum Windows

Like other windows, aluminum windows are available in various types and sizes, ensuring different properties get exactly what they need. The various types include the following.


Sliding Windows

Just like there are sliding doors, the market also provides sliding aluminum windows. These add a neat touch to properties giving them a lovely modern look. If you have a beautiful backyard or an ocean view, sliding windows will give you a stunning look at your outdoors from the comfort of your property. 

Aluminum sliding windows that slide to the side are great for big buildings with large openings, while those that slide up to open and down to close are wonderful for smaller spaces.


Folding Sliding Windows

The aluminum windows market also offers folding sliding windows. These are great for smaller openings that may not need those large sliding windows that move to the side when open. Folding-sliding windows slide to a side and fold away so they do not get in the way. Your space gets more light and airflow when sliding folding windows are open. Moreover, they are simple to utilize and look lovely on traditional and modern properties.

Casement Windows

Aluminum casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward. They allow air and light into the room while also adding a nice flair to properties. You can always find casement windows in a color that suits your property’s overall look for an eye-catching appearance.

Casement windows can have multiple panels depending on your window’s size and your preference too. Ensure you have adequate space on the exterior of your property as these windows open outward.


Fixed Panel Windows

With fixed panel aluminum windows, you cannot open them. They exist just to let light in into spaces and are not for ventilation. Like other window types, these come in various sizes and finishes to ensure you get the perfect fit for your building.

If you need light into a room using a window that does not open or close, a fixed panel aluminum window will get the job done.


Tilt and Turn Windows

Brands also provide aluminum tilt and turn windows. These have a handle that makes opening and closing an easy task. They tilt inwards from the bottom to allow fresh air into the room and can also open from the side hinges for enhanced airflow.

The tilting mechanism is great for when it is raining yet you still need some airflow into the room. You don’t have to worry about water entering your space.


Advantages of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are among the many window types you will find on the market based on material. Here are the advantages you stand to gain from installing these windows. 

       Durability: For starters aluminum windows are durable. The material is long lasting, giving property owners years of use without any problems. Aluminum can withstand weather elements like rain and sun, so you have less to worry about.

       Corrosion Resistance: aluminum windows are also resistant to corrosion. That means, they last long and stay in proper shape and appearance for a long while to give you value for your money. Moreover, brands use different finishes like anodizing and powder coating to protect aluminum and boost its durability even further.

       Lightweight and Strong: If you need windows that are lightweight but also structurally sturdy, aluminum windows are for you. The light nature of aluminum makes these windows easy to operate, as they are not heavy.

       Low Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, aluminum windows will give you such an easy time. They do not need much maintaining considering their durability and resistance to corrosion, water damage and even termite damage.

       Versatility and Aesthetic Value: Aluminum windows look spectacular and can be installed on traditional and contemporary homes.

If you are looking for aluminum windows for your property then the above guide is a good place to start. It covers the types of aluminum windows to consider and why you should consider these windows.

Whether you settle for sliding, casement, fixed, or tilt and turn aluminum windows, all are durable, weatherproof, sturdy, low maintenance and look stunning on buildings. You can also have more than one type of aluminum windows on a property depending on its design. 

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