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Types of Aluminum Windows and Their Advantages

Release time:2022-10-27

When it comes to installing doors and windows, you have to take a lot of matters into consideration. The industry has evolved, and there are many types in the market; steel, wooden, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and so forth. 

Because of their premium properties, aluminum windows are primarily used in residential and commercial structures. Although every material has pros and cons, aluminum remains the most commonly used material.

Types of Aluminum Windows & Their Benefits 

Aluminum windows are easy to fabricate into any shape and coated with any color. In addition, these window frames can be designed in various styles, including; hung windows, casement, bifold windows, sliding frames, and tilt and turn windows. 

Aluminum Casement Windows 

Casement window frames are ideal for most spaces, especially houses built at an angle to the flow of air/wind. They are installed in pairs or singles and are convenient for optimum ventilation. Furthermore, they are hinged, allowing them to open entirely and regulate air intrusion into the house. 

These aluminum casement windows can be hung from the top or the side. This design lets them offer energy efficiency, comfort, and security benefits. 

Aluminum Bifold Windows 

Just like the name suggests, bifold windows open up to the side, leaving free space between the frames. Their operating mechanism allows undisturbed access outside your building or home. 

Aluminum bifold windows have several benefits, thanks to their design. The window frames are easy to clean and maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and have unlimited ventilation. In addition, with these windows, you will enjoy long-term, smooth-operating window frames. 

Aluminum Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are among the most popular in the market. They do not open outward or inward. Instead, you operate them by sliding the sashes to the right or left. Their design makes them fit for commercial spaces. 

Sliding window frames are also installed in hard-to-reach spaces like patios, walkways, and over counters. 

These light metal window frames can be glazed to boost their properties. Proper glazing will enhance the insulation and energy efficiency of the windows, which in turn minimizes energy bills. Additionally, they have minimal installation components, making maintenance straightforward and effortless. 

Aluminum Tilt and Turn Windows 

Unlike most aluminum windows, tilt and turn frames open inward, thus making them apt for security. Also, the design lets the windows open vertically or tilt horizontally at an angle. This operation mechanism makes them suitable for indoor ventilation. 

Tilt and turn frames are standard in high-value properties with a unique, contemporary design. They are also installed in bathrooms ad balconies – small spaces requiring ventilation. You can angle the windows to keep them slightly opened at night or ventilation without a security concern. 

Hung Aluminum Windows 

Hung aluminum widows could either be top-hung or side-hung. Top-hung windows are installed with hinges on the left and the right, with the handle at the frame’s bottom. Side-hung windows have hinges situated at the top and bottom of the frame, with the handle at the side. 

Both of these types are secure, flexible, and easy to maintain. However, top-hung frames are available in larger sizes compared to side-hung ones. 

The Advantages of Aluminum Windows 

Now that you know the different types of aluminum windows, here are the general benefits of installing aluminum windows. 

High strength-to-weight ratio: aluminum, by its nature, is integrally strong and lightweight. Hence, compared to other materials, aluminum windows are less bulky and sturdier. As a result, manufacturers also require less metal during glazing processes. 

Energy efficiency: Most aluminum windows are glazed to improve thermal and sound insulation. Glazing makes the windows high-performing. Aluminum windows help keep your home cold or warm, reducing energy bills. 

Affordability: It may cost you less than expected to install aluminum windows. These windows require low maintenance, are durable, and have a long service life. After upfront costs, you will save a lot of repair costs by choosing aluminum windows. 

Security: Aluminum's high strength makes it a better alternative for safety. Aluminum window frames are difficult to damage or break. Switching to aluminum windows means you get the extra-strength advantage without compromising insulation or other properties.

Resistance: Unlike most materials, powder-coated aluminum is highly water and rust-resistant. You can rest assured that your freshly installed aluminum will never rust and will still look fabulous even after years. 

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