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The Biggest Advantages of Curtain Wall Systems

Release time:2023-08-03

Since the 1930s, glass wall systems with aluminum frames have become increasingly popular, also thanks to the large availability of low-cost aluminum, which made curtain wall systems extremely popular after the Second World War. Gradually, curtain walls passed from greenhouses (their first actual use) to commercial establishments, becoming one of the most elegant and refined commercial and residential construction solutions. Here are all the most significant advantages of curtain wall systems.


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Curtain walls regulate energy transmission from inside to outside, thus guaranteeing more incredible power and economic savings, less waste and a lower environmental impact.

Double-skin curtain walls offer the opportunity to dramatically increase the sustainability of the building and its thermal performance, taking advantage of a structure composed of a double glass panel with two layers separated by an air gap. This guarantees a continuous air exchange, favoring high thermal and energy efficiency.



Curtain walls represent the right mix between technological innovation and style, a fertile ground for experimentation with materials and construction techniques with increasingly complex geometric shapes.

This decoration method works like a wall of several accordion sheets that open up the space like a panoramic window, allowing a total view of the surrounding environment. The plates used for the glass curtains are laminated or tempered, guaranteeing high resistance against internal or external impacts, thus being very safe.

This system guarantees a more fantastic entry of natural lighting and air circulation. It promotes a sense of spaciousness and is considered synonymous with sophistication and delicacy, enhancing the environment.



Curtain wall systems protect interior spaces from atmospheric agents, solar rays (radiation and glare), water, fire and shocks. Since extreme weather phenomena have intensified in recent decades, it is becoming increasingly essential to counteract atmospheric influences and adequately protect your home.

The curtain is a perfect alternative for those looking to close environments such as balconies, balconies and terraces and, likewise, guarantees the internal and external view of the place, with semi-open closure protected from rain, wind, dust and impacts.

The glass sheets that make the affordable glass curtain can be laminated or tempered. They guarantee greater resistance against possible external or internal impacts without the risk of breaking or cracking the structure, thus maintaining the environment's safety.


Quick to Clean

The rotor, the component that generates the airflow, must always be free of dust and other types of dirt. If this happens, it harms the air quality in the environment. Hence the importance of keeping hygiene up to date. It must be cleaned carefully and without the aid of water.

Despite being a super safe and easy-to-clean product, it is necessary to take some care with glass balcony curtains so that the effect lasts longer. The most advisable thing is to clean your glass curtains with a clean, damp flannel and, in the last cases, a neutral soap.


Easy to Install

You can simply contract a specialized company that will develop projects for a balcony with a glass curtain, and they will be able to complete it in a few days or weeks. The choice of the company to carry out the installation must be meticulous — in addition to the price.

One must consider the reputation, tradition and availability of architects and engineers to issue the necessary documents to regularize the alteration of the unit, as well as to meet all the requirements of technicians to have a safe and lasting installation. When the glass curtain window is installed by a specialized company, the property owner will have the guarantee and safety of the product, in addition to the necessary maintenance when needed.


Allows the Panoramic View of External Environments

The glass curtain for the balcony or picture window provides a safe environment without interfering with the view that everyone wants. Can you imagine how beautiful your balcony covered in white granite and with a glass curtain, will look? In addition to valuing the external environment, the glass curtains allow for pleasant meetings with friends or family lunches, even when it is raining or cold. Just close them!


Acoustic Insulation

Another benefit of having a glazed space is that it guarantees acoustic insulation. That way, everything is more pleasant regardless of the noise level outside. Acoustic insulation is essential to prevent external noise from entering indoor environments. In bustling urban environments, noise pollution can be a significant challenge.

A practical solution to this is the use of insulated and laminated glass. These types of glass have layers of insulation that help block out sound, providing an effective barrier against outside noise. In addition, using suitable frames and correct sealing of doors and windows also contributes to greater performance in acoustic insulation.

The New York Times Building is an exemplary model in this regard. Situated amidst the clamor of Times Square, the building employs a high-performance curtain wall system with acoustic laminated glass to create a serene haven for the newspaper's bustling newsroom and administrative spaces.


Fire Resistance

Regulations require specific values regarding the fire resistance of the materials, in particular of some parts of the façade, and their reaction to fire, i.e., their contribution to the development of the fire. The ability of a curtain wall to limit the spread of fire from one floor to another can be verified analytically, i.e., through calculations or tests.

In the case of curtain walls, there are the ASTM E2307-20 standards which classify a curtain wall as utterly resistant to fire, including glass and structure, or the ASTM E2307-20, which provides for partial configuration tests for the area in front of the floors. In this case, the results must comply with ASTM E2307-20.


Sunlight Harvesting

Glass curtain walls let in natural light and eliminate the need for artificial lighting. Different orientation entails different needs according to the solar contribution to be obtained. In the north, for example, you need to let as much light as possible into the rooms, so you will need a glass with a solar factor that allows the passage of light.

In the other orientations, the choice of glass is made according to the solar shading system that will be installed; if the system is dynamic, the glass can be such as to allow a high passage of light, while if the screens are fixed, a solar factor greater than the glass must be provided to protect the inhabitants of the house in specific conditions.


Flexibility in Design and Function

Curtain wall systems provide architects with unparalleled design flexibility, facilitating the creation of unique and iconic structures. The modular nature of these systems allows for various design configurations, shapes, and sizes, permitting architects to push the boundaries of conventional building aesthetics.

Customization and Brand Identity

In an age where architectural designs are extensions of corporate or institutional identity, curtain wall systems offer a canvas for expressing brand values and visual distinctiveness. The flexibility of these systems allows architects to create unique facades that embody a company's ethos or reflect the purpose of a building.

For corporate headquarters, cultural institutions, or iconic landmarks, curtain wall designs can become symbolic representations of their occupants, transforming architectural aspirations into tangible, striking structures that capture attention and imagination.



While the initial investment in curtain wall systems may be higher than traditional construction methods, the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the upfront costs. These systems ' energy efficiency is a hallmark facilitated by integrating advanced glazing materials. Low-E (low-emissivity) glass and multi-layer glazing reduce heat transfer, leading to substantial energy savings over the life of the building.

Health and Well-being

Occupant well-being is at the heart of modern architectural discourse, and curtain wall systems play an instrumental role in promoting a healthy indoor environment. The ample natural light facilitated by these systems, in tandem with well-ventilated spaces, fosters optimal indoor air quality.


Professionals and Suppliers

The choice of the company to carry out the installation must be meticulous — in addition to the price. One must consider the reputation, tradition and availability of architects and engineers to issue the necessary documents to regularize the alteration of the unit, as well as to meet all the requirements of technicians to have a safe and lasting installation. JMA Aluminium supplies the best quality and standard-compliant curtain wall systems in China and worldwide. Call us today to learn more.

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