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Common Uses of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Release time:2022-11-15

Custom aluminum extrusions are extrusions tailored to a specific use or user requirements.  They tend to suit the varied needs.

Manufacturers do create custom aluminum extrusions by forcing molten aluminum through a die shaped like what is required. Thus, it can make different shapes and sizes of any form desired, hence its usefulness in making custom-made products.

Custom aluminum extrusions are used across various industries, from construction to automotive and electronics.

They're often the go-to substance for building pieces that don't exist off the shelf or sometimes need specific criteria. For example, a construction company may use custom trussing of a particular size and shape; an automotive production facility may fabricate body panels with custom-shaped apertures.


When looking for an extruded part made from custom aluminum components, seek someone specializing in custom extrusion. Manufacturers can help you design your needed product based on your needs so that it is created through the extrusion process when the final part is done. 

Applications of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Custom aluminum extrusion may be vital in the construction of automobiles, aircraft and medical equipment to consumer products.


1. The Automotive Industry

Aluminum is the material for body panels, suspension components, engine and transmission parts. The same applies in the aerospace industry, with aluminum as a major structural component of fuel tank landing gear or support members.


2. Within the Realm of Consumer Products

Aluminum extrusions form implants, prosthetics, and other medical devices. Again, following the path into custom aluminum application work, one can find items from furniture appliances to electronic products and sporting goods within the consumer products world.


3. Horticulture

Custom aluminum extrusions, for instance, used in horticulture create varied shapes and sizes of bars that hold plants. Nonetheless, they may be fashioned to build trellises, cages, and other structures that can shelter plants against pests or any other damage.


4. Exploration

Aluminum extrusion applications during the exploration process generally necessitate custom aluminum extrusions to design holding supports for equipment and instruments. As a result, custom aluminum extrusions are usually designed into scaffolding or another type of structure to ensure safe and efficient performance under challenging conditions.


5. Lighting

Regarding lighting applications, aluminum extrusions can be used to make light fixtures or any other lighting solution. It provides a more lightweight, efficient, and effective working light system. All you need to know about custom aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum extrusion profiles are formed by pushing molten aluminum through a die, having the form desired. This process could make highly intricate shapes, usually used to create part of an aluminum alloy that needs to be lightweight but tough. Yet, custom-made aluminum extrusion profiles, in general, can be requested by you. You may even want to specify exactly what dimensions and shape your particular product wants or need.

Types of Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

There are several custom aluminum extrusion profiles formed. And each of them is meant to serve plenty of applications. Some popular ones include T-slot, U-channel, I-beam, and square tubing, amongst many others. These types have unique characteristics that make them suitable for particular applications, as discussed below.


T Slot Aluminum

T slot aluminum is a material that can be used for framing, mounting or creating enclosures. Its key feature is the presence of slots, along its length and depth, which allows for efficient assembly.


U Channel

U channel aluminum profiles are frequently employed in framing, enclosures and support structures. Their u-shaped cross-section gives them added strength and rigidity compared to profiles.



Construction and engineering often require the utilization of I-beam aluminum extrusions. These extrusions have a cross-section, in the shape of an "I" making them sufficiently robust to maintain stability.


Square Tubing

The applications of commonly used aluminum square tubing include framing supports and enclosures, amongst many others. The product usually has a square cross-section, making it substantially solid and long-lasting.


Drawbacks of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Although custom aluminum extrusions may promise several benefits, there are also drawbacks.

Cost.: Custom aluminum extrusions could be expensive and much costlier than the standard ones. Sometimes, a custom-made aluminum extrusion might take longer and more effort to manufacture; thus, increasing your production costs. They prove to be difficult to work on:

It has customization; thus, there is no guarantee that it will ft well together like its easy and hassle-free counterparts in standard shapes. Thus, assembly proves to be tedious as each component shall be fitted separately.

The custom aluminum extrusions may not readily available: Since they do not come in mass-produced sets, the search for a supplier who can provide you with the quantity and quality that you need takes time and efforts. This would mean extended lead times and higher costs.


There are many uses that custom aluminum extrusions can be used for. Aluminum extrusions rarely get understated with how important they truly, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't useful. Working quite smoothly and rather light and easy to work with, aluminum extrusions prove to be extremely versatile.

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