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What Is an Aluminum Casement Window?

Release time:2023-01-25

You must consider aluminum casement windows if you want to allow fresh air into your house. Secure, stylish, and strong casement windows have long been a consumer favorite. They were invented in 1773 by two French brothers, Pierre Levasseur and Jean-Baptiste, who were motivated by their friend's concept for a multi-sided window with a middle panel that could move up or down to control the amount of light entering a room.

However, it was not until the 18th century that this style became popular among homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional wooden-framed double-hung or hanging sashes. This is a look at why you should consider aluminum casement windows and where they can be placed in a home.


Aluminium casement windows

Aluminum casement windows are sometimes referred to as "push-out" windows due to the way they open—outward from the building. These windows are often side-hung on vertical or horizontal hinges, with one or more sashes contained within a single window frame. The sashes are composed of aluminum and have a rubber gasket system. When closed, the exterior weatherstripping sits on the frame, creating a tight seal.

There are three ways to open an aluminum casement window. The first is by pushing the frame open, which permits you to stop whenever you like. This can allow you to open half or entire wall sections depending on the amount of space you need. You can also open the windows by pulling down or up on the latch that holds them in place or by using a key to unlock them (keys are important in case of an emergency).

Overall, aluminum casement windows are a terrific alternative for folks who want windows that can open and close with minimal effort. Casement windows open and close with just a short turn of a handle. Because of their unique shape, they are very airtight and provide excellent heat insulation. They are simple to maintain and operate in all weather conditions, with no frame or glass maintenance required. They are also more robust than uPVC windows.


Where can you put aluminum casement windows?

You can also use this type of window for doors and other openings in your home! Because casement windows were originally installed in many older houses, aluminum casement windows can be an excellent replacement for any aging casement windows. They allow you to keep the original appearance of your home while increasing security and taking advantage of modern engineering marvels. Indeed, modern aluminum casement windows come with a variety of features that allow you to tailor their functionality and look to your specific requirements.

As an illustration, some models have locks that may be used at night to deter theft, while others have energy-efficient glass that helps retain heat in chilly conditions.

The advancement in casement window technology also makes these windows an attractive choice for modern residences. They provide greater security and increased airflow and should be installed in places that require cross-ventilation, such as bedrooms and living rooms, or in areas that require nice views from several sides, such as dining rooms and kitchens. You just have to open the windows all the way up to allow air to flow freely.

Their adjustable window sills make them ideal for houses with persons who have mobility issues such as Parkinson's, arthritis, or other problems. They won't require assistance to open them and let in some fresh air.


Inward- vs. outward-opening casement windows

When considering aluminum casement windows, you’ll have to make a decision between an inward- or outward-opening design. We propose that all casement windows on ground levels and higher be installed above head elevation and swing outward. This prevents rain and other wetness from flowing into the room when you open the windows.

It also keeps the window itself from obstructing the space inside the room. But if you install casement windows in your basement, place them such that they swing inward to prevent obstructing the space outside the window. This is particularly true if a roadway or walkway passes by the basement window since windows that swing outward could cause tripping.



Aluminum casement windows are ideal for any room that requires a great deal of ventilation and natural light. They are really durable and result in great advantages when properly installed. The sash swings outward from the room, making them simple to install and operate by anyone in your family, including minors and the elderly who may be unfamiliar with window operation. Use the above guide to select and install aluminum casement windows in your home.

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