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Types of Curtain Wall Systems: Which One is Better?

Release time:2022-11-25

Whether you are renovating a building or working on a new one, curtain wall systems are a worthy consideration. They not only give buildings a visually striking appearance but also protect them from weather aspects like wind and rain. If you live in an area with skyscrapers then you have probably come across buildings with curtain wall systems, as they are common in modern architecture.


Types of Curtain Wall Systems

A curtain wall system is a structure added to the exterior of a building. It is usually thin and aluminum framing is a popular choice for many curtain wall systems. That being said, they are useful for high rise buildings, giving them an eye-catching appearance and protecting against weather hazards. They are also useful in lower rising properties.

There are three types of curtain wall systems: stick curtain wall, unitized curtain wall and structural wall glazing.

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Stick Curtain Wall System

Also called a stick-built curtain wall system, this type is one where components are put together step by step at the construction site. That means extra caution and expertise is needed to get the job done correctly.

This type is a proper choice for low-rise building, as there is less room to cover. Therefore, technicians can easily install it to cover the extent of the building being worked on. Nevertheless, since parts are put together at the site of the project then that means more hands are required to ensure proper installation.

Unitized Curtain Wall System

As the name suggests, a unitized curtain wall system is one where all parts are pre-assembled by the manufacturer. Once it reaches the construction site then all that is needed is putting it up, which makes installation easier and faster than a stick curtain wall system. This curtain wall type is less labor intensive hence helping cut costs.

Since a unitized curtain wall system comes already assembled then it becomes a great choice for high rise buildings considering the expansive space that needs more coverage. However, transporting a unitized curtain wall system requires extra caution and space, as it is already put together.


Structural Wall Glazing

As for structural wall glazing, this is a type of curtain wall system that provides an unobstructed span of glass running around the exterior of a building. There are no aluminum pressure plates when using structural wall glazing. Instead, a sturdy silicone adhesive is used to hold the glass together.

This curtain wall system gives buildings an even more appealing overall look, permitting in more light and giving spaces such an amazing look! If you are looking to modernize a building’s structure then structural wall glazing can be a better choice.


Which One Is Better?

The type of curtain wall system to choose depends on what you are looking for. Looking at the properties and capabilities of each type will help you make the right purchasing decision.

If you need a pre-assembled curtain wall system, a unitized type is the right choice here. It requires less labor than stick built systems and can be used on both low rise and high-rise buildings.

On the other hand, if you want a curtain wall system that allows for adjustments during construction then a stick-built type is for you. It is also suitable for low rise buildings.

Now, if there is a breathtaking view around a building and you want an uninterrupted look at the outdoors, a structural wall glazing system is ideal. There are no dense frames or aluminum plates to obstruct your view. Moreover, the glass glazing gives properties an even more stunning look than traditional unitized and stick built curtain wall systems.

That aside we cannot talk about curtain wall systems without mentioning their benefits. We have already mentioned some of them. Apart from their aesthetic addition to buildings, they can also improve the energy efficiency of properties.

They assist in reducing the cooling effect and the costs related to heating as they assist with thermal regulation. This kind of systems also protects many buildings from weather elements like rain as well as snow, fostering their durability and visual appeal.

Curtain wall systems promoted the building’s architecture in addition to protecting it from bad weather conditions. They give properties such a brilliant look while also helping with thermal regulation. These systems are common on modern buildings especially on high rise ones, allowing more light in and providing a good view of surrounding areas.

Among stick built, unitized, and structural wall glazing, construction managers can identify appropriate curtain wall systems for different buildings. Each system type has characteristics that match specific construction needs.

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