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Advantages of Aluminum Frames

Release time:2023-03-10

Aluminium is recognized to be among the greatest window and door frame materials in terms of durability, great appearance, and security. You can use these frames in a broad range of engineering, commercial and industrial construction projects. Aluminium's strength and light weight make it an excellent material for huge panes of glass that invite the outdoors within. Let's take a look at why you should pick aluminium windows and door frames.



What are Aluminum Frames?


Aluminium frames can be customized with a wide variety of building techniques, all while maintaining a sleek, modern look. Also, you can install types of hardware without altering the aluminium frames. Tube frames enable changes and tight-fitting which prevents moisture and airflow, while thermally modified framing helps regulate the temperature in your building. The frames are typically used with aluminium doors, but wooden doors can be installed in them as well.


Key Advantages of Aluminum Frames


Strength and durability


Aluminium doors and windows maintain their function and appearance throughout their lifespan owing to certified surface treatments. Another thing to keep in mind is that, unlike most other metals, aluminium frames are resistant to corrosion and rust. What's more impressive is that aluminium gets stronger as it cools, whereas steel gets brittle.

What this implies is that even in the coldest of winters, aluminium windows, doors, and curtain walling will hold up admirably. Aluminium frames are robust ensuring a higher level of safety when using these frames.




Aluminium window and door frames have the advantage of being far more cost-effective than other types of window frames. Timber window frames, for instance, will cost you more and require more care than aluminium frames. When compared to aluminium, plastic frame materials like uPVC can be more cost-effective. However, uPVC frames deteriorate more quickly and can end up costing more than aluminum or wood ones.


Thermal Efficiency


Aluminum's thermal performance has gotten a lot better in recent years, and it now makes a great insulator. You can reduce heat loss and drafts entering your home by combining them with double glazing. Aluminium window and door frames, along with the correct glazing, can substantially reduce your monthly energy costs.




Powder coating is a simple way to give aluminium a beautiful smooth appearance. Soak aluminium in an acid electrolyte bath and then run an electric current through it to anodize. 


Fire Safety


Fireproofing is an additional crucial factor to think about when it comes to doors and windows.  If you want to protect your home from unnecessary harm in the event of an emergency, installing fireproof aluminium frames is a smart and safe decision. Aluminium frames are waterproof, so you may confidently install one leading to a balcony garden even if you live in a rainy region. 


Eco Friendly


Aluminum is a sustainable material. It has a minimal impact on the environment and is completely recyclable and non-toxic. Only 5% of the energy needed to produce aluminium is used in the recycling process. It's an infinitely recyclable material with zero impact on quality. Most manufacturers use aluminium that has been recycled at least once, which reduces the amount of energy needed to produce the metal by a significant amount.


Design Flexibility


These windows can be custom-made to fit your exact needs without compromising the material's inherent strength thanks to the way aluminium is processed. Also, you may personalize it any way you like with all glass types, coatings, and colors.


How Do I Clean Aluminum Frames?


Keep your frames spotless and free of any residue. A mixture of room-temperature water and a gentle detergent is what you should use for this. Use the concoction on a bristle brush or a clean, dry cloth to scrub away any visible dirt or stains. It's important to remember that you should avoid using harsh, chlorinated cleaning products. They are way too rough and could scratch your door or window frames.


Take Away


The benefits we've outlined here can clear up your mind and save you a lot of time and effort. We hope that this information helps you choose the aluminium windows and doors that are right for your building.

Now that you know the benefits,  you can consult JMA to determine which aluminium frames are suitable for your construction or renovation project. We can recommend and provide the frames that best suit your needs. Consider the most recent designs before making a purchase decision.

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